Cycling in the garden of Venice: the PROsecco hills

Perhaps 40 kilometers between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, from one end of the hills to the other. A succession of green whale humps emerging from a motionless ocean for millions of years. And above, rows of vines: an army of unarmed soldiers nourishing themselves with sun and water.

A unique landscape: the morphology of the land and human actions. While traveling those winding roads, a strange effect is felt while observing the succession of human order and vegetal vigor, iron wires like strings of a musical instrument. The seasonal images are breathtaking, and a nocturnal journey, in silence punctuated by lights among the hills, is already material for a story.

The challenge is a taut wire where, like tightrope walkers, enologists, coopers, pruners, harvesters, vine growers, and wise drinkers walk. Because a place that releases millions of bubbles into the air must send a signal of lightness, and while savoring the wine, one must perceive the blend of breezes, rains, and light. An unrepeatable blend. The wine and its territory tell us who we are. They are narratives that will endure over time, testifying to our intelligence and sensitivity.

"It was a fantastic immersion, every time I crossed those places to write the novel 'Finché c'è prosecco c'è speranza' (As Long as There's Prosecco, There's Hope): you have to breathe, see, taste, and drink a territory to tell it. A territory that possesses a heritage of beauty and carries within itself the challenge between conservation and production, between the time of the earth and the time of the market." (Fulvio Ervas, writer and author of the book 'Finché c'è prosecco c'è speranza' - 'As Long as There's Prosecco, There's Hope').

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