La Corte Restaurant

The flavors of genuine food enhanced by the love for the variety of scents of the rich Italian gastronomy. In various environments, all characterized by composed elegance, regional specialties can be tasted. Such a generous nature that characterizes the environments of Villa Abbazia, the other family hotel, could not but inspire Italianity, which has been able to unite the flavors of tradition with a wise ability for innovation, making itself known internationally not only with refined dishes and quality wines, but also with frugal dishes typical of our beautiful country.

The products served in the La Corte restaurant, present on the Michelin Guide since 2004, are largely organic and come from local farms. The chef of this example of a gourmet relais often personally entertains the guest to advise and personalize each course. The local products used exude unmistakable and unique aromas and flavors.

"The ultimate refuge of complicated things are simple things, and they are also the best". With these words the chef apostrophes his cuisine, simple, linear with the best raw materials on the market. A synesthetic cuisine that involves the five senses, tasted in an environment full of charm and atmosphere that perfectly reflects the philosophy of the Zanon family, a philosophy always oriented to taste.

The entire restaurant has been frescoed by the Veronese painter Nicola Verlato, who had his professional consecration in the United States.

The main hall, better known as the "Veronese Room", is embellished with a magnificent fresco representing some of the historically most important and characteristic places in Veneto. The "Saletta della Dama" is ideal for an intimate candlelit dinner; the "Sala degli Alberi" is a relaxing environment ideal for enjoying an aperitif; the "Tiepolo Room" is embellished with a large nineteenth-century sideboard with old Bassano dishes on the walls; the "Fireplace Room" reflects the old Venetian kitchen; the "Fountain Room" has a typical winter garden atmosphere. Finally, the internal courtyard and the garden where you can enjoy a quiet dinner under the stars of Follina surrounded by thousands of flowers.

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