Upon stepping into the refined atmosphere of Charming Hotel Dei Chiostri, guests are presented with the delightful dilemma of selecting from 16 incredibly unique rooms, each meticulously decorated with an eclectic mix of design elements. Expansive windows allow for an influx of natural light, amplifying the vibrant colours and intricate shapes of the décor.

The furnishings present a harmonious juxtaposition of styles - antique meets minimalist, classic coalesces with ethnic, and precious woods intertwine with techno materials. The integration of wicker and silk, marble and perspex, creates an ambience of serene harmony. Each room proudly boasts its own identity and unique palette, subtly echoing the delicate 18th-century hues of the enchanting Palazzo Barberis Rusca visible from the windows.

The bathrooms merit a special mention - they synchronise effortlessly with the overall aesthetic of each room, showcasing special pieces such as the Philippe Starck-designed sanitaryware that graces the exhibits of New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Nestled in this gorgeous corner of nature, replete with culinary treasures, the Charming Hotel Dei Chiostri proves to be the perfect sanctuary not just for holiday seekers, but also for the business traveller, and yes, even their cherished four-legged companions.

This modern interpretation of hospitality is aligned with contemporary trends and anticipates guest needs, the most recent addition being the 'Lady' themed room - an intimate space meticulously crafted for the solo woman traveller, embodying the spirit of hospitality fine-tuned to women's preferences.

The Hotel Dei Chiostri offers a distinct fusion of historical elegance, modern sophistication, and personalised comfort, serving as a beacon of exceptional Italian hospitality.

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