Chef or Sommelier for a Day

Wine Tastings. Visiting Wineries

The Hotel Dei Chiostri is situated in a truly enchanting location: amidst the scenic Prosecco Road. This prime location provides wine aficionados the opportunity to delve into the rich, vibrant world of wine tasting, with numerous Prosecco wineries dotting the picturesque town of Follina. Beyond the famed Prosecco, guests can explore an array of lesser-known yet wonderfully distinctive local wines such as Colli di Conegliano Rosso. This unique blend draws inspiration from the classic Bordeaux cut while championing native grapes like the tantalising Marzemino.

Not to be forgotten are the refined Manzoni Bianco, once known as 6.0.13, and the Colli di Conegliano Bianco. These intriguing alternatives to the traditional Prosecco are a joy to discover. For those who choose to indulge, the expert sommelier will delight in sharing their unique stories of origin. To further enrich the palate, tastings of local cheeses and fragrant grappas are also available.

The Hotel Dei Chiostri regularly hosts enchanting evenings at the La Corte di Villa Abbazia Restaurant, where patrons can sample exquisite wines from around the globe. These events are part of the intriguing "Appointments of... wines" programme, created in collaboration with the prestigious Italian Sommelier Association of Veneto.

Throughout the year, gastronomic enthusiasts are invited to indulge in themed dinners featuring the finest local produce: crisp Treviso Radicchio, tender Cimadolmo Asparagus, sumptuous Mondragon Fatty Liver and renowned Italian delights such as the succulent Piedmontese Fassona, and the luxurious Alba White Truffle, amongst others.

In a fusion of tradition and innovation, chefs at the hotel blend age-old local recipes with modern, experimental gastronomy, all the while preserving the authenticity of the ingredients.

Embrace the role of a chef for a day with a three-hour immersive culinary experience where you learn the captivating secrets of Venetian cuisine. Taking place in a dedicated kitchen, the lessons include the preparation of a complete menu that can be relished at the restaurant for either lunch or dinner. These engaging sessions are accompanied by comprehensive educational material curated by the chefs. Participants are provided with a range of tools and resources for deepening their knowledge on the intriguing topics and themes covered during the courses.

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