Uto Ughi and the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra

The Great Music

Maestro Uto Ughi returns to "his" abbey.

For over 20 years, he has ensured his annual presence here, thanks to his deep friendship with our family. Follina, known as Valsana or Valle Sana, bears witness to the healthiness of this land, as the Benedictines declared in the year 1000. It has always been a destination for holidays for Venetian nobles, artists, and poets.

If there are spaces where sound becomes light, Uto Ughi traverses them. The natural setting of the Treviso Altamarca, combined with the pleasures of food and the enjoyment of music, will be presented in a rare and elegant form on the second Friday of November for an important cultural and social rendezvous.

Following its tremendous success, this event has become a traditional cultural and social gathering. Thanks to the ongoing commitment of the Zanon De Marchi family, owners of the Relais Chateaux Villa Abbazia, this marriage between Follina Abbey and sacred music has become a prestigious tradition. The desire is to combine the architectural and scenic enchantment of the location, the evocative power of music, and the magic of autumnal colors and light.

As is tradition in Follina, Maestro Uto Ughi will be accompanied by the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra. For this event, we have prepared a package that includes accommodation, an invitation to the concert, and dinner at the La Corte restaurant.

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