Il Cammino Unesco - 50 km

The official itinerary related to the Heritage of the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills is born: fifty kilometers, from Vidor to Vittorio Veneto, in four stages to discover the territory.

A four-day journey through hills, abbeys, medieval fortresses, and vineyards. And together, the memory of the final battle of the Great War, symbolically retracing the movement of Italian troops from the Piave River to the victory that changed the fate of our nation. It is a combination of nature, history, and traditions that the UNESCO Trail of the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills will offer us, a route where walkers can appreciate the beauty of the hills declared World Heritage Sites. It allows for an experience through sight and flavors to be fused with the necessary physical effort. In the UNESCO Hills Trail, there are all the ingredients for the "slow tourism" of the modern traveler.

Features: The route unfolds along the ridge of the hills, constantly offering an incomparable panorama. It passes through various locations, including Colbertaldo, the southern heights of Valdobbiadene, Col San Martino, the Vedette of Farra di Soligo, Premaor di Miane, the Tre Ponti of Follina, the area of Cison with Zuel di Qua and di Là, Arfanta, Tarzo, Nogarolo, Serravalle, connecting portions of some historic trails. In the 49.8 km of the trail, hikers will pass through the infinite beauty of the Treviso Pre-Alps area, from steep slopes to gentle walks through the fields, from water-rich valleys to sharp ridges. And there are numerous cultural highlights that emerge from centuries of history in a territory rich in villages, castles, abbeys, churches, and deep-rooted traditions. Many visited sites bring our memory back to the Great War, thanks to trenches, tunnels, and visible military positions on the hills. Furthermore, the trail is symbolically linked to the movement made by Italian troops when they managed to cross the Piave River at various breakthrough points to fight the final battle of Vittorio Veneto (October 24 - November 4, 1918).

The route has been designed to visit the entire geological block characterized by the hogback of the sub-prealpine hills that connect to each other in the "Core Zone." It has a moderately low technical difficulty but is still a hiking type, with a considerable elevation gain of 2,265 meters.

Some sections are more challenging, such as the final part of Monte Comun and Monte Baldo. For this reason, an optional "North Variant" has been planned, which bypasses this segment through a simpler route via Fratta, Colmaggiore, and the southern part of Revine, thus offering solutions suitable for all hikers.

Total time: 19 hours
Elevation gain: +2,265 m (total)
Distance: 49.8 km
Difficulty level: Hiking (E), Experienced Hikers (EE)

The hotel will arrange all transfers upon request and provide all the necessary materials to make the most of this unforgettable experience.

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