Antique Markets

Every Sunday, the perfect opportunity for timeless purchases

Considering the great and ever-increasing interest in antiques and ancient objects, which sometimes become true travel destinations for short periods or simple stops during vacations, we have decided to include the weekly antique markets held in some of the most beautiful villages in the province of Treviso.

These markets offer tempting opportunities to acquire unique pieces and, at the same time, provide a way to discover lesser-known corners of this region that are undoubtedly rich in charm and culture.

First Sunday of the month: Badoere and Vittorio Veneto
Second Sunday of the month: Asolo
Third Sunday of the month: Godega Sant'Urbano
Fourth Sunday of the month: Treviso

Market enthusiasts seek good furniture for their new homes, marble to make their hearths solemn, and even a weathervane for their chimneys. However, a high percentage of attendees are collectors searching for an additional piece to enrich their personal connection with a particular object. It is an act of love, an anticipation that is renewed, an emotion. They also hope to find something they didn't even know existed.

"The collector is open to the unprecedented, to the new. They always have an immense reserve of wonder to open, a marvel to pour out in torrents. The collector is someone who negotiates, bargains, and haggles over prices. But they adore the silence of the initial encounter with the object, glimpsed in passing but already loved at the first approach. The collector is someone who uses their fingers, sense of smell, and sense of touch before their eyes. In short, they are a primitive person, in the best sense of the term".
Excerpt from Giandomenico Mazzocato's book on the markets of Veneto.

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