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The tastes of a genuine food enhanced by love for flavor and for the variety of the rich local gastronomy.

Welcome at “Restaurant La Corte” (in front of Hotel dei Chiostri), a place where local taste and nouvelle cuisine meet and enrich each other. A place where the guest finds himself at the center of our hospitality, synthesis of attention and passion, heritage of our family since ever. Creativity and a style that finds its nourishment in elegance, emotion and culture: these are the characters of our identity that we wanted to transpose also in the restoration world.

In different ambiances, all linked by a composed elegance, you will taste the Venetian Specialties and more. Prized with the Michelin Star, it’s the ideal place for a romantic candlelit dinner.

The chef of this Gourmet Restaurant often entertains guests himself, to give some advice and customize every course. The wisely used local products give off unmistakable and unrepeatable scents and tastes.
“The ultimate shelter from complicate things lays in… simple ones, which happen to be the best ones too”: these are the words our chef uses to explain his own cuisine, which is easy and linear, also thanks to the top quality food offered by the local market. A synaesthetic cuisine reuniting the five senses, enjoyed in an ambience full of charm and atmosphere which perfectly mirrors the philosophy of the Zanon family, based on taste since ever.

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