Albergo a Treviso, Prosecco Land


Gourmet Experience along the Prosecco Wine Road

Welcome to La Corte restaurant; this is a place where every guest is the center of a keenly attentive hospitality stemming from values that are a proudly perpetuated family tradition. For creativity and a style expressing elegance sensibility and cultureare aspects  of our identity  that we have also wanted to convey in our restaurant.

With such an abundance of natural local produce from the surrounding area of the Hotel Dei Chiostri , it would indeed be difficult not to be inspired by the local gastronomy. This brings together with supreme skill and innovation all the flavours of the culinary tradition, ensuring that the restaurant is known at international level, not only for its sophisticated dishes, and high quality wines, but also for the careful preparation of the typical simple dishes of this pre-alpine region. The produce that is used in the restaurant is for the most part organic, and is obtained from local farmers.

At La Corte, the intimate and exclusive restaurant of the Villa Abbazia, opposite to the Hotel dei Chiostri the Michelin Star Chef collaborates with guests individually in order to best advise on, and personalise every course, using local delicacies to create dishes of unsurpassable flavour and taste. 'The ultimate goal of the preparation of complicated ingredients, should be in the creation of simplicity, for simplicity is always the most exquisite'. These are the words which underline the chef's attitude to his cuisine: simple, linear, using only the freshest and highest quality merchandise. The setting of charm and taste means that dining in the hotel is thus a synthesis of the five senses, the entire atmosphere being one which reflects the philosophy of the Zanon family, the philosophy that taste and flavour are always paramount.
May we suggest: Polenta with cream of  Piave, Norcian truffles and Red Chicory Crunch, liver cooked in the Mondragon style, with Salted Cod a la Montelliana. To finish, why not try Millefeuille with saffron cream, or Creamy Caramel Delight.
The hotel has several possible locations for fine dining. The principal dining room is resplendent with a magnificent fresco representing some of the most important local history. The 'Ladies Room' is the perfect venue for a romantic candlelit dinner, whilst 'the Tree Room' is where one might take an aperitif, it being a haven of tranquillity and relaxation. The 'Tiepolo Room' is furnished with an original eighth century bread chest, and antique dishes by Bassano decorate the walls.; the 'Fireplace Room' reflects the traditions of the cuisine of the Veneto, and the 'Fountain Room' has an atmosphere typical of a lavish winter garden, whilst on the warm summer evenings, outside in the internal courtyard, by flickering candle light, guests can enjoy the finest of dining, surrounded by the sweet perfume of summer flowers, under a canvas of brilliant starlight.